Im being haunted by the vision of mum


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Mar 27, 2006
Hi all,

I think im going mad all i can think about is my mum and my visit to her on boxing day all i keep seeing when i close my eyes is mum in the wheel chair and its keeping me awake at night and i keep crying. I personally think A.D is a curse and i even had someone saying think of the positive sides of this disease. To which i replied there are none. And to be honest i could of smacked them right in the mouth.

Happy new year all



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Mar 1, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
Dear Mark,
you are not going mad.
its called grief.
grief at your loss, and your mums loss.
unfortunately, it will become a constant in your life,and it will get worse ,you will learn to live with it.
you will live through the sleepless nights, the constant crying and the despair
i have been there, as many others here have.
no consolation I know, as your mum is so young.


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Jul 31, 2007
Dear Mark,
You are not going mad. I still turn to Peter's chair and ask him if he would like a cup of tea and he has been in E.M.I. Unit since May. A couple of days ago I returned from the Chemist and called out Peter I am back !!!
Night times are the worst when the sub-concious plays terrible tricks.
Sending you best wish and remeber we are not going mad just grieving for a loved one.
Best wishes. Christine


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Oct 16, 2007
manchester, uk
Hi Mark

As the others have said, you are not going mad. Unfortunately it is part of the grieving process. Although your mother is still here in body, at different stages you will find you grieve. I think I greived for my Nanna about 3 different stages before she passed.

This condition is so hard on the sufferer but is also very hard on their loved ones. When I grieved for my Nanna and had images in my mind that upset me I tried to think of the happier times I had had with her. My favorite was to imagine I was giving her a cuddle as I so often had. I admit this wasn't easy to start off with but as time went by the happy memories were all I had left to hold onto.

Take care of yourself.


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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
Mark, agree with all the others have said ......

Thought it might be worth sharing a 'technique' I was taught some years ago to deal with haunting images or thoughts (yes, sometimes we have to confront them, but sometimes we have to work through those moments and keep going until it's a more appropriate time) ...... Try to keep a very special image in your mind - real or imagined ....... a beautiful beach, an image of your children at a party perhaps ........ anything which makes you feel good ...... for you it might be a standing ovation at the end of a show - (my son uses his dream of scoring the winning goal for ManU when confronted with nightmares, mine is a particular Lancashire landscape when challenged with worrying thoughts .....)

When that 'haunting image' appears - switch to your own special image ....... I have seen amazing short-term and long-term effects with this simple technique ......

It will never take away the pain Mark - just an idea as a 'coping mechanism' ......

With love, Karen, x

(PS: For anyone else interested it is based on the functioning of the 'amygdala' in the brain)