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I have a 28-year-old daughter who has Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's.


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Sep 3, 2015
My daughter was 23-years old when we noticed the 'changes'. We took her to Johns Hopkins to the Kennedy Krieger Institute and were interviewed. At the time, we were told it was possibly dementia or possibly depression. Over the past few years we were told she was too young for it to be dementia and she must be depressed. Our daughter used to be very outgoing, read at a first or second grade level and would always get compliments about what a good dancer she was. Even though it is not unusual for someone who has Down Syndrome to have Alzheimer's in the forties, 23 was very unusual but a CT brain scan in June confirmed what we had known for five years. I'm very interested to hear if anyone else knows someone who has been diagnosed at such a young age. It has progressed considerably in the past eight months.


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Mar 26, 2011
Near Southampton
Hello and welcome to TP.
I am so very sorry to hear about your daughter. She is indeed very young to be suffering this at such a young age although I, too, know that it is not that unusual for someone with DS to have this in their forties though of course, not everyone with DS does so.
I don't have personal experience of this but have a grandsonof 17 with DS so I can imagine how very distressing this is for you.
I hope someone will come along who can can help you more. x


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Dec 11, 2013
Hello ctdsara and welcome to TP :)

I'm afraid I have no personal experience to share with you, and can only imagine how distressing this is for you and your daughter. I hope someone comes along soon who can be more helpful than I can. In the meantime, I just want to say hi and welcome. Please feel free to post away :)

Lindy xx