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How Ignatia (homeopathic remedy) has helped my dad


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Mar 2, 2015
My father (age 87) has been suffering from dementia for last 5-6-7 years and only three years ago was finally diagnosed with Alzheimer disease. He's been taking Ebixa, with little or no difference to his condition. He had suffered greatly from paranoia, hallucinations (not being able to distinct what were his dreams from what is around him when awake), and in particular anxieties which had made him very aggressive. Since last September he had started taking 3 to 4 little balls of Ignatia (make sure how you pronounce it, for in pharmacies they usually hear it as Echinacea, popular remedy for cold and flu and although they sound similar they are not the same remedy at all) before the bed, just to help him sleep better. But soon, really soon, within a week or two, we all noticed how his old easy going personality was gradually coming back. Surely he has not been cured, but the fear, paranoia and anxiety are gone, and that has made his life and life of us around him much, much easier.
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