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Jan 19, 2006
have you any idea's to help put presure on council to help get us a 2 bed bungalow. we live in a 1 bed 1st floor flat with no room for wheelchair,electric bed ,hydro tilt chair 2 hoists (Celing) very small bathroom , a kitchen he cannot get into. and keeps shouting the moment I go out of site. we need 2 bed bungalow so we can use the awake night sitting we have had for 15 months but cannot use because lack of space. my husband is 78 has dementia with Lewy bodies, he had a stroke 1998 is epeleptic , needs hosting everywhere and has t.I.a's every 4 -6 weeks. needs pads at all times . I love him to bits and intened to keep him at home but need the right help to do so. any ideas ?


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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Roann, Welcome to TP. Sorry I can't be of any help, but I'm sure others will be soon. Just wanted to say 'Hi'.


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Feb 22, 2006
sort of north east ish
hello Roann. welcome to TP. I wonder if your GP or consultant could write a letter in support of your case. or could your local Alz group or Age concern back you up? Failing that ...... maybe your neighbours could be persuaded to complain to the council about your husband's shouting ..... and thereby put pressure on them to rehouse you? it's usually worth spelling out the worst case scenario in graphic detail to various professionals ..........

are there any local housing associations who have more suitable properties maybe? I guess you're not going to find anyone who wants to swap a 2 bed bungalow for 1 bed flat, so that option might be out - unless someone is wanting a change of area or something.

good luck



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Apr 10, 2006
Hi Roann

Explain your situation to your G.P. and ask for his/her help. (He is the most powerful person)

Ask your GP for a letter explaining your situation, it will also help your case if YOUR health is suffering because of your situation, so if you are depressed/stressed etc., tell your G.P. about it.

The council work on a point system and therefore the more back-up you have the more points you receive. (G.P/ Consultants Reports/Councillors etc,.)

Is your flat Council or Private? If Council then all the better, as the Council don't like to spend money, so if your flat needs to have alterations carried out to accommodate a disabled person then they are more likely to rehouse.

It also depends on the location you need to be in, for instance, this might be difficult in areas where there is a housing shortage, in which case would you be willing to re-locate?

Good luck!


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Feb 17, 2006
Welcome, I am in the same situation as you but I live on the 2 floor, mum sleep in front room.

Pont system has change in London you bid for them this is the web site us, just to give you an Idea how it work http://www.locata.org/Home.asp

You got 2 option if your getting no where with the council, as your Husband has a wheelchair you need a bungalow that is adapted to your Husband needs, I was told by someone in the council (not naming name) that if I was to email or threaten the council that I am going to go & complain to the local paper that they would move me faster.

Also I read somewhere on the internet that someone just like you ,her husband had wheelchair , the wife took her council to court under the human act right she got 10k in compensation & got moved to a 5 bedroom house . you sound like you have a really good case .

My mother has not been asses (sp) for a wheelchair from social servers adaptation united just yet as soon as she has they give my mum a much need wheelchair & that is when I shall get the ball rolling in complaining that (We) mum needs a move , even thought she is finding it really hard going up down 4 flights of stairs when she go to day centre 2times a week , & when I try to take her out the other days , it puts her of going out because of those stairs .

Did your Husband get the wheelchair from social servers adaptation & has your bathroom been adapted ,as in shower ?

Good Luck I need a push sometime in sorting all this out in geting a move . It does get me down , so its great shareing it on hear frist time
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