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pins tony

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Oct 20, 2014
Hello to all of you out there, I am sorry I have not been on talking point for a long time, my lovely wife was very ill in the new year and I thought we were going to loose her and at times I thought she had enough of the life she had but June had a different plan, she has now recovered and is better than what she was a year ago even doctor and care staff are amazed at the improvement in her,i bought some exercise pedals to try to keep some strength in her legs after 4 weeks she is now managing to support her self and yesterday she took 4 steps with me just holding her hands, all the doctors and care staff said this would not happen but it did, I know today may be different, the point of this email to all of you is do not give up hope, have anyone else had something like this happen to there love ones, I will try to be on talking point more often to all of you take care pins tony


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Dec 8, 2011
North West
This is very interesting. Thank you for sharing it.

I personally think that the importance of maintaining/improving mobility in PWD is not sufficiently emphasised. We read regularly on TP of people losing their mobility within a few days or weeks when in hospital or a care home. Sometimes this may be because no-one has the time or inclination to get them doing what is necessary to save it.

Those of us who are with the PWD we care for more or less 24/7 have the opportunity to test this out. Like you, I've found that exercise (in our case walking) every day or week has, first, recovered mobility which was seriously at risk over three years ago then maintained it until now. Sadly, the distance that Sue can walk before she needs a rest has clearly reduced over the last year or so (during which time, Parkinson's symptoms have been recognised) but it is still possible to get her walking 5 miles a week. Apart, obviously, from the dementia, she is exceptionally healthy. She also has an excellent appetite. Like you, I've found that the experts are very surprised at the marked improvements since her lowest point.

It helps that we have found something that does assist her because in other respects she would probably be described, by those who like labels, as being at an advanced stage of the condition.


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Jul 13, 2014
That's lovely to read. I have had similar with mum who had a bad TIA and struggled even to stand. I started my own physio sessions getting her to lift her legs whilst seated and stretching tightened muscles. this week in the sunshine mum walked with her frame about 20 yards two days running. I would also say to others not to give up