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Feb 3, 2024
Hi uk southwest here.
my dad has had vascular dementia for a couple years now he is 77 and still pretty able, he is still washing himself daily feeds him self what ever he can get his hands on and also enjoys a pint.
hes recently handed me his car key thank god! but he is struggling to accept this. must be a common issue i guess.
he gets very confused and loops with 3/4 questions some times for hours at a time and this gives me such a deep feeling of almost guilt and anxiety about how he is feeling/ leaving him alone for any length of time. i need to work full time and so does my sister. thankfully my sister lives with him so there is usually someone in the flat with dad. but this isn't 24/7
we are awaiting a needs assessment to see what level of care dad officially needs but we cannot commit to being with him 24/7 so paid care will have to come in sooner rather than later. an additional worry is he lives in a hi rise flat with lots of unsavory addicts and the like. he always insists on carrying cash and is even becoming increasingly generous his wallet is often down more than his usual spends but very little we can do unless we are with him 24/7 sorry that turned into a mega ramble/vent.


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Aug 2, 2022
South West UK
Hello @LPT and firstly welcome to this supportive and friendly forum. Members here really do want to help, and are happy to share their experience of dementia.
I am sorry to read about your Dad, and his dementia diagnosis. It sounds as though you and your sister are doing a great deal to help and support him, but it is good that you say that he is still pretty able.
It is good that you have Social Services involved with a needs assessment, as extra support will most certainly be needed - as you say, you or your sister cannot be with him 24/7.
Please never worry here about having a rant, or a mega ramble! It often helps just to put things down on here. Members of this forum totally understand and want to help.
A link that may help for local support: