have to take mum for a blood test

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  1. sturla_chick

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    Jul 6, 2010
    hi everyone
    thanks for all the support you gave me a few days ago as i had to make the decision to put my mum into a home and going through the guilt/grieving process of having to make this decision.

    She is settling in well to her new home, we havnt had any problems so far and she hasnt asked me once to take her home or asked me why she is there, she looks happy and cared for and she always greets me with a smile and a big hug. i spoke to the main carer and she told me she is settling in well but it is early days and it may not always be as easy as this, well i know that, she will have bad days. They are having a few problems with her dressing and undressing at night but they are working on that. When i looked after her at home she would refuse to get undressed for bed and start getting very agitated and stressed and in the mornings she would refuse to have a wash and get dressed and so the pattern of behaviour is the same as it was at home. i am sure or hope we can find a solution to this as my mum was always so meticiulous about personal hygiene and looking nice and that was one of the first things to go. They have walk in showers at the home so it should be easier.

    The only problem coming up is that mum has to have regular blood tests done because she is on warfarin and her levels have to be checked at the clinic. i asked the home if they could do it in house and they are going to try and sort this out but i have to take her next week and i know we will have a job on our hands beacuse sometimes you can be waiting for up to two hours in our clinic and its usually packed, not enough nurses and to many people. She hates crowds now and her anxiety and stress levels are going to go through the roof if we have to sit there again for two hours. the nurses arent exactly very understanding as they only have a certain amount of hours to get all the blood tests done as the clinic is only open for a few hours and they dont seem to have the time to reassure or explain to my mum its ok and to take their time, its a case of get the needle in and get the blood drawn asap and one to the next patient.

    last time it was a nightmare for us both because she was so stressed and upset by the time we got into the room and she got agressive and angry when the nurse tried to draw the blood, it was so upsetting. She has to have these blood tests because her drugs have to be adjusted according to her blood levels. Now i feel like a mum taking a child to the doctors and i can remember my mum taking me to the doctors and comforting me when i was a little girl.....dont think i will ever get used to this turn around in our lives.

    I am hoping the home can do the blood tests in house as it seems cruel and unncesary to make her sit there and go through that.

    has anyone else had experience of this i.e having to take a loved one for treatment which they have to have, i know you all probably have.if i had my choice i wouldnt take her but i know she has to have it done
  2. jenniferpa

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    Jun 27, 2006
    If they can't do the tests in the home, then you could try contacting the clinic and pointing out that you mother has dementia and because of that, making your mother wait, potentially for several hours, has a far worse effect on her and those around her than it would be for someone without dementia. Some hospitals, but by no means all, have become much better about pushing dementia sufferers through, even if it means taking them "out of turn" but unless you ask, they won't offer.

    I have to confess, my mother was supposed to be on warfarin but she refused, and I accepted her refusal, because I know how tiresome it can be (my MIL is on it) and there was no way she could have coped with the constant testing. It's possible her refusal shortened her life. Or maybe not. I accepted it wasn't right for her.
  3. DeborahBlythe

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    Dec 1, 2006
    I'm wondering whether a District Nurse could come and take the bloods?
  4. JPG1

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    Yes, a District Nurse (DN) should be able to visit and take bloods for the required test. It's unlikely that your Mum is the only resident to be needing routine and regular blood tests.

    Another thing is that most (but perhaps not all!) residential care homes with or without nursing, have a weekly visit by a GP, just to go through any problems, and - in theory - to meet and greet and assess any new arrivals in the care home. And especially to check up on the meds being prescribed - because, although each resident has the right to remain with their 'existing' GP where they are registered, there will probably also be a contract with a local GP surgery.

    That surgery then 'takes care' of the residents who have opted not to stay registered with their former GP, and those who are now living outside of their former GP's catchment area.

    So if would be worth establishing with the care home:
    (a) which GP surgery is now taking care of your Mum's needs (if you don't know that already, that is), and then asking whether their DN could visit to take bloods;
    (b) whether they have a regular visit by a GP surgery locally;
    (c) what happens to other residents who also need regular blood tests;

    It shouldn't be necessary for you to take your Mum to a blood-clinic. But if it is, then call them on Monday, and explain the situation. They will do the necessary for you to queue-jump. If only because it's easier to take blood from a 'fairly' relaxed patient, rather than for them to struggle with an uptight patient.

    Our GP surgery has its own blood-sucking-clinic held once a week (not in the same building, but in a building housing another surgery), and you just turn up and wait your turn. It's never taken longer than an hour, which is too long for your Mum. So we never need to go to a hospital for bloods to be taken.

    I'd have a chat with your Mum's GP.
  5. susiewoo

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    Oct 28, 2006
    Bromley Kent
    I work in a blood clinic dealing with Warfarin tests. I think advice given so far is good and definately phone and ask to speak to person in charge of the dept and explain. It is true that an anxious person is much harder to deal with and we all should be working to make the experience as good as possible. I always try as much as time allows to talk to the person having the test and to the carer with them. For some people you can tell that they are desperate to talk and I have told them about this website. The hospital should have specialist staff able to make home visits.
  6. Beezed

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    Apr 28, 2009
    My mother had to have a blood test recently and they came and took it at the home. I see no reason why the same cannot be done for your mother. Good luck,


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