Has Continuing Care criteria changed in the last 3 years ?


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May 7, 2005
Hi Everyone,

I used to post on here 3 years ago before my Dad died and haven't been on really since.

I am now looking at Care Homes with my Uncle for Dads sister who has Dementia. I live away from them now so cannot get to all the meetings but they told me last night that the ward sister and social worker are saying she fits the criteria for Continuing Health Care?

Could this be right? 3 years ago we could only get it when Dad's condition was agreed to be terminal (he died 2 days after they saw him)
Sorry if this is covered somewhere else I have been at work worrying that they are being passed around and not given the right advice (uncle was 85 last week) and thought about this forum and guessed that someone probably knows the answer!

Sorry for the ramblings, I am finding it hard to deal with a second time around.