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happier days


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Jan 26, 2015
been to see hubby now and had 3 good visits he is now staying with us more and not always asking can he come home only at odd times. When we saw him on Friday the daughter asked him if he would like a trifle oh yes was his reply so Saturday when all three of us went we took a trifle,i think he ate most of it so next week will have to buy a bigger one,it was so lovely to sit with him and the family it was a real treat ,maybe the next trifle wont go down so well, but the little things now begin to mean a lot as i think we are over the first horrible visits and i can go home much happier.


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May 10, 2010
I read your thread earlier on but didn't manage to write, then couldn’t find it later. I felt so much for you as when my husband went into a care home (after 6 months in hospitals, not allowed home) he suffered such anguish pleading to come home which was heart breaking. It was about 8 months before he ‘settled’ and then only very occasionally talked about it.

It sounds like your husband is settling much quicker and I am glad for you. Yes those good visits and the little things do mean a lot, and you do go home with a much lighter heart compared with the bad times.

Long may he continue as you describe. Cherish the good times.

Thinking of you.
Loo xx