Grace Care Advisors


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Mar 15, 2006
Morecambe, UK
I was wondering if anyone has had experience of using Grace Care Advisors to find care homes?

I found them through the Better Caring website and they called me today. They sound like a good (if somewhat expensive) service and I was just wondering if anyone had used them?



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Feb 3, 2006
I can only give you a bit of information on Grace Care we used them for my father last year after he had a massive stroke and needed a Nursing Care Home, he had a policy which covered their costs through his past employers. They came up with several nursing homes which we looked at but in the end it was down to which one had vacancies at the time and which of those we thought the best, you can look up the inspection reports on line for nursing homes which will give you a rough idea what they are like, but try to visit as many as possible because they really do vary and the most expensive are not always the best. We had to move Dad quick out of hospital as he had caught MRSA and got over that but then many of the patients were contracting it.
Sad to say Dad was only in the Nursing Home for a few weeks on and off as he was in and out of hospital, he died at the end of August 2005.
Be aware that whilst they are in hospital you still have to pay nursing home fees !!!!.


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Feb 24, 2006
My brother used them, but my mother never went to any of the homes, and of course you have to pay the fee for them to find a place whether you take up the place or not. I thought it was a waste of money, might just as well look up the homes yourself and phone a few and visit as many as you have time for. But it depends how much time you have.