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GPCOG score 3 what is prognosis


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Aug 11, 2015
Well finally after months of gentle persuasion and then outright bullying and taking control I finally got my parents to agree that my dad needs to see a doctor. Went this morning and it was so sad to see him struggle with the GPCOG test. He scored 3 and having read up on this since I got home I know that this is very poor indeed. He needs to go for bloods, ct scan and memory clinic before a formal diagnosis can be made although I am under no illusion - he has dementia but what type we will wait to see. So what next, how worse will it get, how long? I know until we have formal diagnosis we can't be sure but what are others experience after a score of 3 on this test? Main concern for me is is it too late to get power of attorney? Oh I wish I had taken control earlier but it's so hard dealing with the fact that I will need to now be in essence the parent of my parents! Any advice gratefully received!


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May 21, 2014
I only know the MMSE test, no idea what The GPCOG test is, sorry.
How worse and how long - how long is a piece of string? Each person is individual and it depends on so many factors like what type of dementia or general health.
If your Dad still understands in the moment what POA is and can agree to it without coercion, it's not too late. If he can't, you'll have to go down the deputyship route.


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Oct 5, 2013
It is the GP cognition test, though I haven't read the details. Google it!
Sorry Fran, not used in OHs time. Cognition will depend on whether they understand what they are signing at the time they are signing it ( not 5 mins later). Very variable!
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