Going on holiday


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Feb 25, 2007
I would like to take my Mum on holiday - particularly so she can see the sea. we wouldn't need care as such but a particular problem is the risk of her soiling the floor or bed (according to doctor this is not incontinence but due to dementia). This in fact happened last time I tok her on holiday. Sometimes it doesn't happen for a couple of weeks but the risk is there. Does anyone know anywhere that may cater for us? with for example protected beds, washing facilities and no carpets and above understanding? Thanks


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Hi Gillplum

Welcome to TP.

I've recently taken my husband to a hotel for a few days, without any problems. I took a kylie sheet with me, which I placed on the bed and removed every morning before the room was cleaned. I also used incontinence pants at night.

That doesn't solve the problem of carpets, though. I think you may be better with self-catering. Most holiday accommodation now has parquet flooring, as it's easier to keep clean. You also have the advantage that no-one is going to disturb you, so you have privacy to 'clean up'. We did that twice last year, and it was great.

Let us know what you decide, we all learn from other people's experiences.