goble de goof


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Apr 26, 2006
had photos develpoed from weekend in blackpool
bob looked at the first he said yes i remember that --disco-- harry ramsden ihad not looked yet he said you know on holiday i am scratching my brain hurry up bel if you dont know what he means quick he will get angry
i thought we never went to a disco am i going mad
then it dawned we saw a harry ramsdon chippy but que was to long
went in to a wax works museum took photos of bob with elton john elvis etc
love bel x


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Mar 24, 2006
Co Durham
Hi bel,

It sounds as if you had a memorable day at Blackpool. I have never been there in my life but I gather it can be very busy at times.
I think my wife wants to go and see the lights so we may end up there at some stage.

Best wishes
to you both


Margaret W

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Apr 28, 2007
North Derbyshire
You must go and see the lights. There is nowhere in the UK with anything similar, the experience is unique. I don't know how you are fixed transport-wise or how mobile you are, but the best way by far is on the tram. In a car, it can take 3 hours. The tram has an unobstructed route. We used to park at the Bispham end, get the tram down to the South in the late afternoon, and then get the tram back up to see the lights.

Before you go, check the direction of traffic. On certain days/times traffic is one way only, usually from the South to the North. Police and traffic management is superb, you won't get lost. You will pass the Pleasure Beach and the Tower.

Take snacks and drinks with you, you might get stuck on your way in (or out). Choose a good time, I would say you need to be approaching the town around 4 p.m. depending on the light - obviously it is better seen at dark, but if you leave it too late you will have an horrendous queue to get there.

Check out parking spots as well.

Though I imagine you will probably be going by car, so start at the south end and work north. The lights are spectacular.




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Apr 15, 2007
hurry up bel if you dont know what he means quick he will get angry
Dear Bel, I know this feeling only to well, it is so hard at times having to quickly work out what they are talking about and then the sheer relief if you get it right. Glad you have photos to share . My sister lives in the UK and she often took holidays with her family at Blackpool sadly, her health is poor now and holidays are a thing of the past but, I'm going to ask her about these lights. Regards Taffy.