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Getting weaker, is a standing hoist useful?


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Feb 10, 2014
We have been waiting for 6 weeks for an OT to visit us, which I requested myself from Adult services after our usually helpful GP wouldn't refer him in November. in the meantime my OH is losing strength and the carer and I have has episodes where we have been helping him dress or move from chair to bed and his legs have folded under him. He has another mini chest infection this week, and is back on antibiotics so not at his best, I phoned adult services to hurry up the OT visit but am left unsure that will happen soon. What have other people found helpful at this stage, I am wondering if we should hire something rather than risk him falling. The carer has suggested a standing hoist does that sound right? I just wish it was easier to get hold of a professional when things are going downhill. :(


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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
A standing hoist requires that the person has reasonable weight bearing ability and may not be appropriate.

His weight bearing may improve when the chest infection is cleared up, this could take a few days clear of infection.

Keep pressurising the OT.


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Nov 27, 2014
I am so sorry your are having such trouble getting an OT visit thebes. It sounds as though this is absolutely urgent now to avoid injury to your OH and/or yourself and carer. Could you book a telephone call with your GP and explain how difficult the situation has become so he can also chase it up? Also do keep phoning whoever you can to keep the pressure up. You could look at getting something privately I suppose but he desperately needs a professional assessment to look at what is most suitable.

We started off with a Return7500 as an aid to standing which worked well for a while but now my husband has less strength, especially when he has an infection which makes him very weak, we have a Sara Steady which is much easier and safer. Hope you can google these to find out more. I think you probably need to have a proper hoist in place in case he becomes too weak to get out of bed even with help. This might feel over the top at the moment but much better to have it in place so that it's there when you need it.

It's awful you are having to try and cope without the support you need. I hope something gets sorted asap.