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G P said nothing wrong


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Apr 26, 2006
On going to see my GP the other day for my self -she is very good and knows the situation with hubby she said how is he i replied she then said dr ---- report is not very helpful it implies there is nothing wrong
I have found on TP other people with the same problem we have seen so called specialists in dementia -psycologists over the years and getting no where for the last 2 years we go twice a year to a dementia specialist hubby has lots of tests
all showing very little
I LIKE MANY OTHERS DO NOT WANT THERE TO BE ANTHING WRONG but to slowly loose the man you love after 36 years Why when you have a referal from a GP who knows you do they say nothing wrong

any help needed
love BEL X


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Oct 9, 2003
Birmingham Hades
she then said dr ---- report is not very helpful it implies there is nothing wrong
the only advice I can give is to ask your GP to refer to a different Psychiatrist in care of the elderly.
There must be a day when that consultant is not available,could you request an appointment on a day other than his?
Sorry not to be more helpful


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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Bel,
I have just been reading through your past postings: you refer to being told that your husband has memory impairment, and that he has trouble with speech. Is his speech constantly jumbled? What type of memory problems is he now exhibiting? Has your husband had a memory test, how does he score on it? Sorry about the questions, I am just trying to get a picture of how things are. Does your husband still get upset, or did that pass when he finished work?
Love Amy


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Feb 17, 2006
Norman advice sound good
GP to refer to a different Psychiatrist in care of the elderly
If that does not work you get strong willed & get a 2nd opinion from another doctor ?


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Oct 20, 2004
Yes do try to get another opinion, it took us several trips to the doctor and 2 to see different consultants before anyone agreed with us (only after Mum lost her job of 27 years did they seem to believe there may be something wrong....not sure why!)

Best wishes,



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Jun 26, 2006
It took 6 years for my mum to be correctly diagnosed.We just had to keep going back, i kept a diary of all the things mum said and did,because in all the tests they found nothing much wrong,so it was the only thing they could go by.She was on anti-depressants for ages,because they just thought she had depression.She was depressed;due to lack of memory.It wasn't until she lost her job,that she had a third memory test and they found a real drop. I would go to another specialist ,as YOU know when there is something wrong.


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Apr 26, 2006
YOU know the person you love better a than any doctor or specialist or any of the so called test which i know people here on TP will agree
do not doubt your self get a second opinon
I am in a similar position to you with my hubby looking back it was on the cards years ago it seems until it is in the later stages they cant confirm
WE all feel for you all i can say keep posting there is a lot of good people here more informed than me
Love Bel x


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Apr 6, 2006
I was in a similar position except it was my family who said nothing was wrong with my mum and being the youngest I wasn't able to do much or aware of what to do. I was 15/16 when things really started getting bad for me.
I had no-one to turn to as such and I finally left home at 20. It wasn't until then that anyone took notice.
Years later after that my mum stayed in hospital for an assessment and we were told she had paranoid dementia. Nothing was ever mentioned after that.:(


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Mar 24, 2006
Co Durham
GP Said nothing wrong

I had the problem over two and a half years ago. I was ill and had to go home from work because I could not do my job as an Engineer safely. I no longer knew what I was doing. The GP signed me off for a month and said I was stressed. After six weeks she said I was depressed. Then I was asked by the University Health Department to go and have some tests and a scan done because they did not beleive the diagnoses.
Even when I was diagnosed with the early signs of Dementia, my GP still did not want to accept it. I was told the other day that as far as a lot of Doctors are concerned, Dementa is still something the elderly get and not the younger people.
If they can't get it right what chance do we stand