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Friends....good friends.......great friends!


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Oct 11, 2005
:)Hiya Everyone,

I'm so proud of my friend I could burst a blood vessel or two!
Yesterday my very good friend Steven Gosling ran the New York marathon in aid of Alzheimers. He has trained for a year and now its all over! Well done, he definatly deserves a beer and a steak (as he has been living on Pasta for the past few weeks!)

In June this year he also completed the London to Brighton Bike ride with my husband and my Dad. Steven met my mum then and decided to raise money for Alzheimers.
My dad is the full time carer for my mum whom has suffered with this cruel illness for nearly 10 years now, since the age of 48. Mum is in the latter stages now, but still at home.

People dont know what to say sometimes when you are low, but my friend Steven's actions has lifted my spirits and proved that sometimes actions speak louder than words!

Steven is still asking for sponsorship even though he's completed it already, there is a picture of my beautiful mum which gets me every time I look at it, please have a look at his fundraising page. as the saying goes-Every little helps!


Thank you x:rolleyes:
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Mar 7, 2004
Mandy, I can feel the happiness and enthusiasm jumping off the page.

Well done Steve, and a big'thank you'

My eldest son ran the NY marathon three years ago, because of my dear Lionel.

Where would we be without people such as these?

Thank you for sharing your brilliant news.