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frantic energy


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Oct 7, 2015
Any suggestions please. My mum was always a relaxed person, who spent plenty of time sitting and listening to music (she is blind)

Since her alzheimers has progressed, she has become so active and restless, and to be honest it's a bit of a nightmare.

I would LOVE for her to spend some of the day sitting down so that at least I can have a rest or do some jobs. Seriously from about 2pm to bed time, she will not sit down for more that about 3 mins and she leaps out of her chair pacing around, grizzling and crying or saying "what shall I do with myself" she is so confused, and I really wish I could find a way to calm her down, selfishly, I need a break, just an hour while she naps so that I can wind down.., Any thoughts?

Amy in the US

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Feb 28, 2015
I'm sorry to hear how stressful this is for you and agree you need a bit of a break.

Have you talked to the GP to see if there is anything you might do with medications, either changing what she is on or starting something new, that might provide relief, or that is exacerbating her situation?

It sounds like she will not settle with distraction, and I imagine you've already tried this. She may be sundowning (it can start much earlier than evening) and if so, I am not sure there is much you can do, short of medications.

If you do not have carers coming in already, or day care or lunch club or other arrangements, this might be time to get those set up, so you have at least some time during the day.

So my best thought is to contact the GP and go from there. I hope someone else here will have something else to suggest. I am so sorry.


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Jul 20, 2011
I agree with Amy
1. ask GP to check meds and to check for a urinary tract infection
2. If you haven't already have a needs assessment and a carers assessment by social services now might be a good time to go for it. You need a break to able to care effectively or your health will suffer. Through the needs assessment you may be able to find some suitable day care centre or lunch club even if only once or twice a week at first, and some 'sitting hours' to give you some free time through the carers assessment or one or the other
3 have you had a benefit check so are you getting attendance allowance - you should be it, it is non means tested and it helps with the extra costs of having dementia. You may also get a council tax waiver. if you don't or haven't had a check give age uk a ring - it is freephone and they will not only check but they will also help you fill in the forms if you ask if someone can come round and that is really helpful 0800 169 2081 FREE

Hope this helps but to care for longer, please do get some help now xxx