Five and a half good days


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Sep 19, 2007
By and large it has been a good week for my husband at the hospital this week. He is taking in a lot more calories. He's even started eating some hospital sandwiches as well as the food I take in. I am now only taking food, rather than feeding him as well, in because he has begun to eat with the other people in the dining room. Or so I thought!!!! Apparently he sits down at the table and then promptly gets up and goes down the ward and eats his meal on a trolley table by himself!! But at least he is eating more, he is feeding himself the majority of the time and I am thankful for that. It is weigh-in day at the hospital tomorrow so I am hoping he has put on a bit more weight - let's see if we can get upto 45kg. He 's also been a lot calmer for the past five and half days which is great. He began Aricept on Wednesday and also had a change of anti-depressants the same day so I can't put the change down to just that. Staff said he was having a good day today when I visited at lunchtime. He'd got up and gone to the bathroom all by himself. He shaved and got dressed all by himself and then walked down to breakfast. He'd also taken himself to the loo mid-morning without needing to be reminded. Superb. At tea time when I visited they said he was having a little nap so I went down to see him in his bedroom. He was tucked up in bed. The clothes he'd been wearing at lunchtime were in a very neat pile on the arm chair so I expected him to be in his jamas. No!!!!!! He had changed into more day clothes and gone to bed in those!!!!!! Oh well.

Love from Sammyb


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Sammy, that's fantastic. You must be over the moon!

Never mind that he went to bed in his clothes, he's feeding himself, shaving and dressing himself, toileting himself -- that's an amazing improvement.

I'm so please for you.:) :) :)



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Apr 15, 2007
Dear Sammy,
Pleased that things are looking brighter, lets hope that this improvement continues. Take Care Taffy. :)