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Finding my way


Registered User
Sep 3, 2013
I am still finding my way around this website. I have just put my own name in to find answers and comments that I never knew about. I am so touched by the comments and caring that it bought tears to my eyes. I will not go on about today which was 50/50 as in good and bad. I think judge
ing by everyone elses comments I have not had a bad day. Thinking of you all. Thankyou for your support.xxx


Registered User
Oct 13, 2013
North Somerset
Dear Casbow. I'm sorry you have had to join us here but hopefully you will get comfort and support as we all lean on each other during the tough times. Sending s big hug. Xxx


Registered User
Jan 16, 2014
I find just knowing that we can come to TP for understanding or to vent or to look for suggestions is a great help.

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