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Finally trying to do it


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Jan 28, 2012
Morning all,

I haven't posted for a while, although I have dipped in and out from time to time.

Well, Mum seems settled in the care home.The staff are nice, if a bit over worked. It'll be a year in March.

I've kept Mum's "room" in our house (in essence just a bed and a few bits of clothes) thinking that she'll be back. But she won't and I have to accept this.

But I am finding it soo difficult to even begin; it's as though I'm getting rid of her totally. I found a brush with her hair on it just now, and went to bits.

I tell myself, it will be easier now, then in the future, but I'm not listening.

Anyone else had this dilemma or can suggest any coping strategies?



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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Mum is in a CH and settled now too.
She went from her own home, rather than mine, so there is nothing in my house which is specifically hers, but I am beginning to sort out her home as I will have to sell it. Yes, it is just like wiping her out - I have used exactly the same expression myself when talking to others. Would it help if there were someone else with you and you tackled it together? The first time I went into mums home after she went into the CH I took my daughter and it certainly helped. Apart from that I can only advise a large box of tissues and a bottle of wine


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Feb 4, 2015
Hi, big hugs to you, we are currently exploring the option of a care home for Dad, not sure what way to turn for the best. Really hard decision and hope that which ever option we decide itll be the correct one. X