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Finally have a diagnosis!


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Apr 2, 2015
So after a 8 week wait for a memory clinic appointment, plus the 4 weeks of tests my grandads doctor ran, we finally have a diagnosis of vascular dementia.

Nan and grandad have decided to go to a weekly support group which I'm really happy about because I'm hoping that will give grandad someone to relate to and nan someone to talk to - she has me and my siblings & her two sons but I suppose no one knows what it's like for your husband of 55 years to be diagnosed with dementia unless it's happening to you yourself.

Grandad is happy he's got a name for what's happening with him - he just thought he was 'going stupid'

No doubt we have a long and hard journey ahead. But it's nice to finally know where we are heading.


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Aug 31, 2003
I'm glad your grandad has a diagnosis. I'm also glad your grandparents have you looking out for them. It sounds as if they have a very positive attitude. It's good that you will have the support of this forum so that you can in turn support them.

Take care.


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Jul 31, 2012
Glamorgan s.wales
My husband of 56yrs also has vascular dementia and fortunately keeps happy,and is still mobile and able to do most things for himself (with a little help) He isn't interested in social groups,but enjoys the company of friends and family. Your grandparents are fortunate having such an obviously caring grandchild. Our 5 young adult grandchildren have been very supportive and fun during the last 4/5years. -it's such a life changing illness and I'm sure your family will find this forum helpful.


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Apr 2, 2015
Thank you both, got to be about making the most of a bad situation, most important thing is that they are both happy! Xxx

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