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Filming to begin next week


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Feb 19, 2009
Torquay Devon

Hiya all, well, this week we start filming on location in Torbay.!! I cant even believe i am saying this, but Producer Laurence and the Director Will Thomas Freeman (Both agreed to names on here ) want to tell the story of how two peoples dream`s to fight and to rid dementia of the stigma that exists first started.

As we have explained before, this will not be the run of the mill Documentary / film where they highlight all the lows and bad practices, but exactly the opposite. It will show what happened after hearing the devastating news of my diagnosis of dementia and what we did shorty after that. It will hopefully give the message of "There is life After Diagnosis" and will show what happens when people recognize the symptoms of dementia early on and what can be done because of that. It will show the help out there, the support and the services that can be reached now, as opposed to seven years ago when i was first diagnosis, and will show just how far we have come !!

Yes it will tell the story of how a "Grassroots " Campaign "The Purple Angel Dementia Awareness Campaign" has now become GLOBAL and is being embraced by all four corners of the world and how, when the people who matter, come together for one cause, to help those less fortunate than themselves. All through History our lives and the way we live has been shaped by "The Peoples Movement" It will also tell how, ordinary people have decided to become Purple Angel dementia ambassadors all over the world for no pay!! No pat on the back, or no recognition whatsoever. The only reason they do it ?? BECAUSE THEY CARE!!

It will no doubt be months in the making as we would love to film in the USA and other parts of the world where the Purple Angel has helped as well, but i am convinced it will be worth it

If you would like to consider becoming a Global Purple Angel dementia ambassador please take a look at the link below


To all who have worked so hard to make this possible, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, much lone
Norrms, Elaine and family


""Make as many HAPPY memories as you can""
" As sometimes, we dont get to choose the ones we keep"

Norrms Mc Namara, diagnosed with dementia aged 50, just 7 years ago


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Jan 29, 2013
South Wales
Wow!!! that is exciting!
Well done I'm sure it will greatly help newly diagnosed people when it comes out - looking forward to seeing the finished product.


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Jul 5, 2011
Liverpool, Merseyside
Hi Norrms
I have just received my purple angel and lovely letters in the post this morning. She is beautiful and will now be symbolic to me of all the amazing work you are doing.
A lovely start to the day.
I shall wear it with pride.
Can't wait to see the documentary.
Well done Norrms and thank you
Polly x