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feeling helpless


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Jul 6, 2015
my hubby was diagnosed with dementia in April 2014.He's refused all medication and quite honestly will not cooperate with anything I try to do for him.My main worry is his personal hygiene,he won't bathe,wash or brush his teeth nor will he let me help him.I've bought a padded cushion for the bath as I thought this would make it more comfy for him,but it hasn't made any difference.Everything I read says it's important to keep the dementia sufferer clean but how on earth can I when he won't let me? Please can anyone offer advice?


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Oct 5, 2013
My OH, fairly newly to ch, doesn't like me doing anything. I've tried several times to clean his nails, but no. When the manicurist that comes around the CH said, I'll do his next week, he was more than pleased! So would your OH accept someone else doing his care? Maybe in a uniform to make it more 'official'?


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Nov 27, 2014
It is distressing stringbean, especially when someone has always been very clean. Spamar has a good point, your hubby might be more accepting of someone 'professional'. Sometimes a gentle reminder that body odour is becoming offensive can help, but it depends on how you think he would receive this. Sorry I can't be of more use but I think it's a common problem so somebody else may have better advice. Very best wishes to you. Es