Fainting - is this due to the condition?


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Jan 31, 2004
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Could they have been wrong with the original diagnosis? This is only the second time (first time in March this year), that she has passed out briefly and I had assumed mini strokes/fainting with VD was much more frequent?
My wife's original diagnosis was Alzheimer's, and it only came out a couple of years on - when I questioned it because of her vascular-type progression - that they said, well she has vascular dementia as well.

These days she has about 3-4 faints a year that are detected. In the early days she might have 8 a night at the worst [but then I was beside her and awake all night awaiting them].

As with all things, the presentation of symptoms is different for each person.

In the early days, the medics considered all sorts of possible reasons for the fainting - low blood sugar, arrhythmia, too much alcohol, etc. Of course it is always worth checking even the most unlikely out as any of them will be better than a diagnosis of dementia.


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May 24, 2006
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Thanks Jennifer and Brucie and sorry I'm so late in replying - don't get much chance to access this forum due to my workload each day.

Have visited the link you gave, Jennifer and scanned the info. Can't seem to see asthma there but I've probably missed it as I hadn't time to read through carefully.
You mention your son's allergy to your Mum's cat.

My mother, as I mentioned has always been allergic to cats and in the last two years, for some strange reason, she has become allergic to my two dogs. She's never been allergic to them and we have had five of the same breed (Cavalier Spaniels) for 20 years. She isn't allergic to any other dog. My sis's dog AND cat can climb all over her and she's fine but here at my house, she used to become quite ill. It broke my heart that she couldn't stay with us but 3 weeks ago, her GP prescribed an anthistamine and she didn't have even the slightest sneeze or wheeze so fingers crossed, it will be okay in the future. The point I am making though - in a rather long-winded way- is that as you have said Ebixa can bring on asthma, it is curious that since she was taking it, she has become allergic to my dogs.

Brucie, thanks for telling me your experiences with Jan. I have mentioned all to Dad and he too was surprised to hear VD can develop after first diagnosis.
When they next visit the memory clinic, I have suggested he ask the consultant if she can be checked out. I'm not sure whether once the original diagnosis is confirmed, consultants bother to recheck?

Must away as I have yet more work to do so will write soon.