experiences with aricept please


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Apr 11, 2008
Hello everyone

Just wanted anyone who has had experience of aricept to tell me their experiences.

terry is continuing to respond brilliantly, much more like his old self.

how long can it last ? how will i know when it is failing? does the old symptons return

sorry to sound pessimistic, it is just lovely to be in this position even if it is short lived,
my best wishes to all of you in difficulties now.


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Apr 20, 2008
New York USA
Hi. My father has been taking Aricept for over a year & I think it's helped a lot. He hasn't gotten back to his old self but he hasn't seemed to get worse in that time. He seems pretty much the same, which I think is really good because before that he was going downhill.

I don't know how long it will keep working. I think it is variable from one person to another. I hope it works for your husband for a long time.


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Jun 3, 2005
Hi Jan

My Mum has been on 5mg per day Aricept for about 2 years now. I would say that it started to become less effective at 18 months (can never say for certain, as there is often some other factor which could be making a difference). Having just had a memory test with the consultant, she is about to go up onto 10mg per day dosage. I'll be giving feedback as to what effect that has, if any, in due course.