Early dementia dx at 51


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Feb 21, 2024
Hi. New here and looking for answers if anyone else is/has going through very early dementia. Also a stroke. Curious how fast/slow the progression. We are 2yrs from dx of mild dementia and some changes have happened. Short temper, childish behavior, eating small meals but cookies every night, lack of doing anything after work, watching the same couple of sitcoms every night, inability to problem solve or lack of wanting to, spends much of his time looking online for some sort of gizmo to help so he can run. He didn't run before all this. Thinks he needs to find me to give me kisses every hour. I guess I am wondering what I'm in for as this gets worse.
Thx Jill


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Feb 25, 2014
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Hello @JillG and welcome to the forum

Gosh, your husband is very young to have developed dementia, it must make it hard on you.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict exactly what path his dementia will take and what problems you will face in the future. The best thing is to not look too far ahead and just deal with things as they are at the moment. Then when things change, deal with that.

At this stage its important to get him to do (if you havent already) things like POA for him, his will and claim for PIP. This last one is important because it is a gateway benefit that will open several doors, so make sure that the form is properly filled in detailing all the difficulties and not minimise the problems. Citizens Advice or a local Carers organisation can help with form filling. POA and will are obviously not needed now, but will be in the future and by then it will be too late to do it.

Do have a mooch around the forum and feel free to join in conversations, but do remember that not everything you read about will happen to you/your husband