Drugs for AD & Dementia


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Sep 7, 2006

Can anyone advise me o the drugs available for dementia and AD.
My mum has been diagnosed with mixed dementia ( possibly AD).

I have been told that Aricept is best for holding it off??

Anybody got information please?




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Dec 22, 2005

in the early onset arcept is good while it works it worked for hubby for a year he still takes it but he takes ebixa as well hope this helps


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Sep 20, 2006
Hi Gilian
Suggest you get a copy of very informative book, by the BMA entitled The British Medical Association Concise Guide to Medicines and Drugs. My copy (2003) came from W.H.Smith, or you could try the publisher's (Dorling Kindersley) web site www.dk.com. It costs around £6. There may now be a later edition than mine.
It contains in its 460 odd pages every drug available, under categories of use (Brain, Heart, Respirtory, Gastrointestinal etc) where the diseases/illnesses are described and the drugs that are used for them. Depression, dementia, AD are all included. There follows a long list of the drugs, with full descriptions of their use, side effects, dosage, dependency, and so on. A full index is at the end.
I have found it extremely useful (a) to find out what drugs are for what purpose, and (b) to look up prescribed drugs that I know little about.
Hope this helps.
Good luck and best wishes.
ps - I've just checked the DK website, a new edition is out and it costs £8.99 plus postage.
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Feb 24, 2006

Watch out for side effects. (Of course I don't know if they were one of the causes of my mother's death.)



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Sep 10, 2005
Hi Gillian

My mum has mixed dementia. She is on Rivastigmine (also known as Exelon). She's been on it since mid May and was started on the lowest dose and is gradually moving up through the doses. Highest is 6mg twice a day.

I don't know if it's working or not, because how would I know how bad she'd be without it?! I have a slight concern about side effects in that she often says she feels very hot and sweaty. Last night, she didn't have a comfy night in hospital (she's recently been put on the 4.5mg BD). I'm wondering if the drugs are causing it. If anyone reading this has experience of Rivastigmine, can they offer any comments on this, please?

Gillian, I think Exelon was prescribed for my mum (rather than Aricept) because of her chest problems.

Hope this is of some use.