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Nov 13, 2023
Hello everyone, please advise me. Last april my husband receive his diagnosis of Alzheimers and was told not to drive. I and my children were relieved as he had been becoming a little wayward in his driving. How ever w#he was told that he could go for a driving assessment which he did last august. They said he could continue to drive! That was an unpleasant shock. However he had to await an ok from the DVLA. The DVLA have now said he can drive again after 10 months. During this time his dementia has deteriorated. I am seriously worried what to do. He has no insight into how he has deteriorated and thinks he will be able to get into the car and drive. I have suggested a refresher lesson with a driving instructor but no chance. He says I'm trying to make him worse. I know from reading the posts here, tha that is not unusual but what do i do about the driving?


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Oct 28, 2019
It is unfortunate that the DVLA took so long to respond before saying that your husband can now drive again. You could get back into contact with the DVLA and inform them that your husband's dementia has progressed since the driving assessment and that you do not think that he should be driving but that would probably make him angry with you.
Would he possibly listen to your children if they tried to talk to him or could someone disable the car so that it would not be able to be drivem.
Hopefully someone with experience in this situation will come along with more advice. Meanwhile I have attached a link about driving and dementia.



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Aug 2, 2022
South West UK
Hello @LynSH , This is very difficult for you. I would totally agree with the advice from @SeaSwallow . It certainly sounds as though your husband should not be driving for his own safety and that of others.
Other members may be along that have had experience of this situation. I hope somehow you manage to get this sorted.


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Dec 29, 2023
Hi, has the car been driven by anyone in the meantime?
If not I'd disconnect the battery and say because it hasn't been used it's ceased up and won't start.
If you drive it I'd tell him you won't go out with him unless you drive. It's what I told my OH
You can report anonymously to DVLA if you feel he's unsafe .
It's tough as it's their independence, but you wouldn't want him killing someone or himself x