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Feb 17, 2006
Was not sure where to post this .

my mum ask her care nurse why she keeps dreaming of the past & thinking of the part ,the care nurse said pointing to a book on mum side table read a book ,don’t think about it .the book was a dream book . So I said to mum I will get her a Spanish book to read.

My point is what do you say? Has your relative asked you that? Was the care nurse right in dismissing mum question & should I do the same? Does this happen to people with AD

Just that when my daughter said to my mum remember when we all went on holiday to points Blackpool & I was dancing with you , my mum could not remember any of it ,so when she says that she keeps dreaming thinking of the past ! I just do not understand it, so when mum ask before what it meant she keeps dreaming of the past I ask her what it is was we look it up in her dream book. Now she's asking why?


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Mar 7, 2004
Are they really dreams Margarita, or is your mum "day dreaming"

Lionel speaks of things that could be dreams, could be the past, but often I can find no connection.

My theory is that as we might occasionaly ponder as to what we would do if "say we won the lottery or our premium bond came up", so Lionel day dreams.
He cannot differenciate as to what is real, what is past, or has he imagined it.

I never dismiss anything he says, after all it is part of his world. Connie


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Feb 17, 2006
:) Thanks for that , You have given me an idea am going to make a journal write it all down all her memories or as you put it day dreams she love that .


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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Dear Margarita, thats what I did too. I made a little journal that had photos and just small passages linked to things she had done. I also wrote out some notes of things she had done and gave it to the daycare and respite nurses. Just little stories, like say, how she had cut hers and her sisters hair as a child and her Mum had been very cross. How she met my Dad at a dance on Christmas eve. Things that would give the staff little prompts to have a conversation about with her. I am sure your Mum will enjoy the one you make for her. Love She. XX PS, your link is lovely, thank you. XX :)

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