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Down to the wire


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Apr 28, 2006
Kansas City
Hi. I am back:) Hospice is here and thing have taken the last turn. My mother has stopped eating and is curling back into a fetal position. She does not talk and is literally starving herself to death. They tell me it is not painful for her to starve herself........it is painful for me. I will keep my mother is the home until she passes. It is not easy but it is what she wants and what I can do for her.
I still have my Adult day care and the little ladies know something has changed about mom, but their dementia won't let them put their hand on what is going on. I guess that also is a blessing. There are so many different behaviors that this disease takes on. Each person in my daycare has something different going on in their heads. I will probably see them through this too.....God willing.
This journey has not been easy for me but I would not give up one day. The eight years now seem not long enough to have my Mom. I find myself thinking about the times in my youth when I could not wait to be away from home and Mom. That has all changed. There is never enough time with your loved ones. Alzheimer is not only a mental rapist but a thief.
"When you rejoice in your heart despite the hardships
you're facing - that's the alabaster box of praise."
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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Jayjayb,
Keep loving, keep rejoicing, that is how we beat the thief.
Thinking of you and your mum,

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