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Door alerts for my mum


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Feb 11, 2016
Hi, this is my first post...i am getting extremly concerned about my mum as she has started to leave the house during the night as she thinks it is day time. She lives on her own so clearly i am concerned about this. What i was looking to get were some kind of sensors on her doors that would alert me if they were opened say between 8pm and 8am. Does anyone know if such a thing is available and how i go about it? Many Thanks


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May 21, 2014
Ask social services to refer you to telecare. They have a range of door alarms and other gadgets they might be able to give you for free.


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Feb 19, 2012
East Yorkshire UK
We've got a system called Just Checking which doesn't alert us as such but does let us check for movement, including doors opening at any time, through the internet and sensors installed in Mum's house. It is extremely useful to give us an idea of what mum's up to, or not, and when the door is opened to others - carers, callers and 'unknown', and was free for a few months on loan from social care but now has to be privately rented which we do. When we got it we were given a leaflet which showed all kinds of devices, some of which were linked to the pendant alarm system. There's all sorts out there but it may cost at some point.

Mum doesn't go out at night presently but I'd be extremely worried if she did and residential care would have to be considered as there are no other options for her safely in her situation.


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May 16, 2010
Hull, East Yorkshire
My Dad was discharged from hospital this afternoon, and we had telecare fit "Just Checking" sensors in his home before he got home. He has no idea they are they. But I'm addicted to watching his movements from my iPad! Very good and easy to see if either the front door or back door are opened. Thankfully I can see today, that neither doors of my Dads house has opened since I left at 8pm! It's brilliant for peace of mind.
We've been told it's free for 6 weeks and if we want to keep it, we'll have to pay privately for it. Pretty expensive, but I'm hoping this first 6 weeks will give me enough reassurance!