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Denise B

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Mar 23, 2006

Is there anyone who is like me disabled with Cerebal Palsy and finds themselves a carer for their elderly parent who has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's?



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Oct 15, 2005
Hi Denise
Just wanted to say hello and welcome to the boards, Talking Point is a great place for friendly people and loads of information. I would say one thing to you, look for help sooner rather than later, don't wait and think we don't need this at the moment, if it's offered take it! Do post again and let us know how things are with you and yours.


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Jun 3, 2005
Hi Denise, and welcome to Takling Point. I hope you'll find many kindred spirits here, with a broad spread of experience of caring with dementia sufferers.
For myself, my Mum is in the early stages, so I come here to pick the brains of those who have been dealing with it for much longer.
I'm afraid I'm not very familiar with the additional problems your own cerebral palsy might cause you, but I'm sure if you spell it out for us there will be helpful suggestions forthcoming.

Best wishes
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Tender Face

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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
Hi Denise. I am sorry I know so little of cerebral palsy other than limited contact with children I have worked with - and I am still in 'shock' at my mother's diagnosis, so I am probabaly very little help just now, other than to say I have found this site to be such a huge source of support as I am sure it will be to you.

What I have not disclosed so far on this site (as it didn't seem relevant but may be to you) is that I suffered GBS (Guillan Barre Syndrome) about five years ago. I was a 'lucky one' - paralysed (only) from waist down for about three weeks, and more or less 'mobile' again after six months.

I have been able to return to driving, to work part-time (now office based) since then and continue caring for my own little family as well as 'mum'.

Right now, the legacy has returned. Where I could 'pace myself' over the last few years (simple things like don't do the ironing and the shopping on the same day) I am now forced into a 'caring role' where I seem to have no choice about the physical demands placed on me... until I collapse in a heap with my feet propped on a bean bag until I get some feeling back in my legs....

I appreciate this is probably a 'nothing' compared to where you are at just now. If you care to share, I care to care,

Love, Tender Face

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