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Dementia Together magazine - June/July issue

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    Dementia Together magazine features the latest news, features, tips and advice for carers and people with dementia, book reviews, updates on dementia research and articles highlighting good practice in dementia care, plus readers' letters.


    Click below to read some of the articles from this month:

    Source of strength
    A woman with dementia who is fighting back

    Strain on the family
    A daughter is shocked by her mother's progression

    Smarter policing
    Reducing unnecessary call-outs

    Little visitors
    People with dementia spending quality time with young children

    Let's chat
    Reminiscence cards that draw on South Asian experiences

    You can read the rest of the articles or download a PDF copy by visiting the website page >here<


    To receive your copy of each new Dementia Together magazine in the post, please visit alzheimers.org.uk/withus, email withus@alzheimers.org.uk or call 0330 333 0804.

    Have your say

    What did you think of this month's articles? Were there any that particularly caught your eye, or that you learned a lot from? The magazine team would love to hear your thoughts - you can either comment on this thread, or email magazine@alzheimers.org.uk

    Thanks everyone :)

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