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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Chattycathy,
Welcome to TP.It's strange how even family members have such different ways of coping with dementia - it must be very hard for you if others will not accept what is happening. If you feel like it, tell us a little more of your circumstances.
Love Helen


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Jan 20, 2007
Vancouver, WA
Dad with dementia

Thanks Helen for your reply. My Father lived in a situation that he was being taken advantage of. He lived with a women for 15 yrs. He was the person that did the cooking, cleaning and pretty much everything. When he started deteriating mentally she started taking advantage of him. The house was no longer kept up, no healthy food in the frig, he was a mess and she was not caring for him. I looked into his banking and she was draining him.This person was also medicating him with narcotics, as she told a doctor that he had back pain and he would prescrip them. I acually was able to get that stopped by calling the Doctor. I hired a lawyer and was seeking guardianship, in the meantime they got married and she got him to sign off thier mobil home. The good news is that I won guardianship and just got news this week that I also got the annulment. I think with the move and all the drugs she gave him his dementia really progressed. All this is very stressful and difficult to deal with......................Kathy


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Jan 4, 2006
Well done for taking on the fight for your dad - it cannot have been easy.
Is it just you caring for your dad, or do you have family helping?
Love Helen

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hi Kathy, Welcome to TP.
You must be a very strong person to have fought for your dad, against his wife, and won. Well done.
Is your dad being monitored by his GP and/or Social Services. If not, it would help you to contact them and see what help is available.
Please let us know how you get on. You will make a lot of friends on TP, who will give you lots of support. Your father is lucky to have you.
Love Sylvia

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