Day off


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Mar 20, 2007
Hello all

Just felt I needed to send post today, mum has been with us now for 8 months and just over an hour ago the bus came to pick her up, to take her to day care. This is her 4th Wednesday and the most positive reaction from mum.

This means I have the day all to myself, I might just chill out this afternoon after I get back from doing lunch with my daughter. I now realise what freedom is all about, but I had some idea what having mum with us would be like, so this is not a moan. I shall enjoy my day off.

Bye for now

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Make the most of it Jane. I hope it`s as lovely a day where you are, as it is here.

It`s good to hear your mum`s beginning to enjoy day care. That`ll mean nice regular breaks for you from now on.