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    Apr 18, 2008
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    My Mum's support team have been trying to persuade her to go to a Day Hospital once a week. Dr advised so that it was so that they could monitor her better. Mum lives alone with moderate AZ and has meal time carers going in every day. She would never want to go to a group thing when well so I am not surprised she won't go now. She enjoys her house and I think it is all that is holding her together. In a strange environment I think she would not do well at all and she would have the huge worry of getting ready and out of the house at a given time. Does anyone have good experiences of such things. I am sure they provide respite for a carer but am concerned that the whole process would just add confusion to an already confused old lady who wants to get by at home. She is always telling me that she wants the carers to go away and stop telling her what to do.
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    Hi Pepple

    I understand your worries and thought similarly when my MIL was offered a day hospital place once a week. She actually took to it amazingly well which was a huge surprise to my husband and me because when she was well she waould not have considered any group activity/setting at all. Also she was only 62 and we worried that the other people attending would be so much older.

    Carers went in every morning/evening for my MIL's meds and so were able to ensure that she had had breakfast, was dressed and ready for the hospital transport. This worked well and MIL attended the day hospital once a week for over 2 years until she had to go into the NH. It meant that she was regularly monitored and the nurses were able to spot and test for UTI's and nip things in the bud a bit quicker. She was also given periodic memory tests etc as well as having access to a specialist doctor. We were also invited to attend reviews every so often. The doctor at the day hospital has continued to care for my mother in the NH setting and in the last week to the hospital assessment ward where she has been moved.

    We feel that attending the day hospital has given my MIL a real consistency of care and on many occassions was a lifesaver to us for example they used to organise and accompany my MIL to routine other medical appointments when my husband was unable to take her. Mum also enjoyed the hot 3-course meals there whereas at home lots of times the carers only prepared sandwiches and mum was very quickly incapable of cooking for herself. Although she was not able to tell us what she did/saw at the hospital there were activities going on and often she was content just to watch.

    Our experience is a hugely positive one and if you can persuade your mum to go along just to try it you and she may just get a surprise. We are in Scotland too by the way.

    Best wishes
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    Yes, but in the environment, she be in there will be staff that understand where she coming from , so will be able to help her .

    Yes that may happen , but it would benefit her As it motivate her. Then that also depend on what stage your mother is in , about getting dress ready to go , could she do that on her own?

    Your mother may struggle to get ready , but really its just challenging herself to keep those skills longer .

    Same as my mother, but then my mother could never perceive it , that it would befit her to keep those social skills

    My mother was losing her skill in being able to go out alone in the street, so would isolate herself in her home , felt more Secure staying at home , even when I started caring for her .

    Your now the driving force behind your mother to motivate her, it’s really hard when they can’t perceive it that it will benefit them , maybe it just depends on how the person with the dementia has awareness of understand of the dementia themselves, in how to help themselves to keep skills longer .

    At the end of the day , you can't force your mother to go if she does not want to , but if you don't give it a try your never know .From my experience it may take a good mouth or so for your mother to get in the habit of going .

    I must admit for my mother it was very confusing for her, going to day centre at the beginning of Only one day a week. but then after a few mouths she got in to the habit of going and now go 5 days a week & has befits from it , more than my mother has ever realised , that now when she does not go on 2 day of the week, she wondering what she going to do all day at home with me :)

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