Day 10


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Feb 29, 2016
Been twice again today. Dad was worse this evening, he actually looked thinner than this morning. They have changed the mattress to a different airflow one as his pressure sores are grade 2 and obviously won't be getting better.

I am so tired now, mentally and physically drained watching this horrific ordeal my Dad has to go through. He was good kind man until this disease took over.

He is so weak now and it just makes you want to cry looking at him. My brother will be here Sunday, we feel he is waiting for him. Not sure if he will make that long but who knows. I just want him to find peace. He still isn't on any meds, he looks 'comfortable' but your not going to be comfortable are you, let's face it not when your that thin and bony, and imagine the headache from dehydration. I hate this.


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Jul 8, 2016
Im so sorry red66 to hear about ur dad im going through the same type of problem although a pressure two sore can still be treated with regular turning so dont let the air flow bed be taken away if it can help or at least discuss any possible care plan with nurses to improve.
My heart goes out to you and ur family


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Feb 9, 2016
Hope you get some rest tonight, Red. This will pass, your poor dad will be at peace soon. Your love and care for him is testament to how good a man he is. You are in my thoughts. ❤️Xx

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