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Dad in hospital and being aggressive with staff


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May 16, 2010
Hull, East Yorkshire
My Dad has been undergoing assessments and tests for a few months now through the GP and memory clinic, we got to the stage that a diagnosis is pending, and we just hadn't got to that crucial appointment for feedback yet.
Dad was taken into hospital a fortnight ago, and whilst there, developed Delirium. Thankfully now his dialysis has started, the condition is lifting, he's not hallucinating anymore, and looks much more like our Dad again.
Tonight, however, when I've visited, I learn that he has been assaulting (physically and verbally) a security guard (who is one of the people sat with him since last week when he escaped). My Dad isn't an aggressive man, nor violent. This upsets me. His hands are all bruised and cut where he's been lashing out.
I get the feeling from the ward that they are getting ready to discharge him, but we all know Dad can't go home just yet. We have talked in loose terms about a possible respite stay in my Mums care home, just until social services get a care package in place for him to move home. Firstly I don't know how things happen and how quickly they can be put into place. I am hoping and praying that no decisions are made on Dad's behalf whilst I'm at work - surely they need my input and agreement? And secondly, has anyone else had a relative go through this aggressive phase of delirium (and quite possibly vascular dementia although not yet diagnosed)? Did it pass? X