Criteria for Continuing Care


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Sep 7, 2007

Does anyone know what the complex criteria is for continuing care?

My Mum was assessed for this on 21st August, before she was taken off the aricept and did not meet the complex criteria. They want to move her to an emi nursing home very soon, which we are currently looking at. I think my mum has got worse since this last assessment was done and is currently not given any drugs for her AD, apart for a calming tablet and sleeping pill. I think she needs to be re-assessed for continuing care but SS have said different. I have a meeting with the doctor and SS next week and think i will be in for a rough ride with them, as i recently sent a letter to the consultant asking about this and why is can't she be given Exbia as she is in the moderate/severe stages of the illness.
Does anyone know what the complex criteria is?
I know i will have pressure from the consultant and SS next week to find my mum a home to go into as they want her out of the assessment unit, i have been to look at one home so far which was really nice and i got a good feeling about.
i have a sister who really has not done a great deal and is going in for a major op on Monday which means she will out of action for a while which means i will have more pressure on me, i have got to have a minor op on the 5th nov as well.
I work full time and then i go and see mum every other night of the week, (my sister and i have taken it in turns to do every other night between us) so with her out of action will mean i will be up at the hospital every night, there is just not enough hours in the day to get everything done.

I feel very much alone in my battle as all i want is the best for my wonderful mum who i love and adore.
Some days i just want to curl up in a corner and hope all of this will go away, but then i try and pick myself up and force myself to cope with another day for my Mum's sake.


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Jul 19, 2005
i'm in the same position. I got from the consultant that they would go for Guardinship if i didnt agree. So watch out. My husband then deteriorated so i proved that what they were going to do was decided too fast. Ask to see the assesement they have done for continuing care and they must tell you why she doesnt qualify. In my case now even the hospital Social Worker now thinks that was never done.
Do a search on the National Framework for nhs continuing healthcare. Even online courses for it comes up ( they have examples) You will find out a lot as i have. I hope you find all the backup you need.


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Sep 7, 2007
Thank you Nada for your advise and links.

Thank you Chip also, it is very concerning that if you challenge the doctors and SS that they can do what they want to. I am scared if i complain too much or ask too many questions that they will wash their hands of mum and she will end up being pushed from pillar to post.

Is there a time limit on how often these assessments are done?


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Jun 27, 2006
Laylabud - don't forget that it is NOT social services that do this assessment - it is the NHS.

From what I've read and experienceing it's the "unstable" aspect that allows them to avoid classifying someone as requiring continuing care. Now for most of us, this would mean "deteriorating" but in this Alice in Wonderland world what this seems to mean is more up and down on a daily basis with frequent crises. A progressive illness such as dementia doen't cut it. You are supposed to be assessed on entry to a nrusing home (if not before) and then I think (don't quote me) 3 months after then every 6 months. However, I beleive you can request an assessment at any time. I do know that my mother was assessed in May and was put in the middle band and I was expecting another review in August. Of course, by that time, this "stable" person was dead.


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Apr 29, 2007
Continuing Care Criteria

Good Evening

I have discussed this with Mum & Dad's SW. It is my understanding that the patient has to tick the right number of boxes from the set criteria. We've been advised that applications are "heavily scrutinised" by a panel - and that the criteria is heavily based on physical nursing needs.

SW did advise that although we could not submit "regular" applications, it would be quite feasible to apply again if initial application was unsuccessful if there was further deterioration.

However....I was advised by a Manager of a Nursing Home we visited this week that the "application forms" (not sure of the correct terminolgy) to apply for Continuing Care have recently been changed and now give more scope to include for example the "unpredictability of mental illness". If this information is correct it could benefit many who had not been able to claim this previously.

It is the unpredictability of this dreadful illness that makes any application of this sort so difficult to quantify. If Dad was assessed on a "bad day" - he may well be considered eligible, but if he was seen on a "good day" he may appear to have no major problems.

I have asked our SW to look into it for me (for the future) - but would appreciate it if anyone has any knowledge of recent changes to application.

Gill x


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Jul 6, 2007
leigh lancashire
Hi.the care needs assessment document has changed recently.Government guidelines have changed regarding dementia and AZ care.Residential homes are now permitted to admit dementia and AZ sufferers without having the specific registration.Guidelines from CSCI say that as long as a resident has no history of aggressive or physical abuse to others then residential care is a setting where they can be accepted.There is such a shortage of EMI units that i suppose this is the only way we get care for our loved ones.My only fear is that if behaviour changes then what?i know only to well what happens then,but do families?love elainex