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Costs associated with EPA


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Jul 13, 2005
I've used an unregistered EPA with one of the big four banks and three well known building society's with no problems for the last 3 years. I can sign cheques, withdraw cash and move money about, but I am not supposed to use the ATM card, although in practice I think they would have difficulty proving who uses it without cctv footage.
Mary originally did the EPA because of the confusion, so for most financial insitutions, I would say it's for convenience sake and not for dementia if asked. Mary is quite capable of making decisions on her money, she just doesn't want to. Her house was sold before we had the EPA, and she signed all the forms herself.
When the solicitor did the EPA, I had to pay for a medical report from the Mental Health unit consultant, and the solicitor had to satisfy himself that Mary knew the value of money, ie how much a car, a house a loaf of bread cost. All this was done without us in the room to prompt her. Maybe it's easier because she lives with us now.
I am now totally confused after some of the comments, does the factsheet set all this out?