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Nov 12, 2019
I'm at my wits end. My husband is 62 and has AF,a heart condition(I've posted before I'm sorry for being repetitive) he has also got high blood pressure and is borderline diabetic. He still works part time at the same place he worked for 20 years loading vans for TNT/fed ex. I am told from his supervisor that they are not able to be socially distant(2 to 3 in a van with no PPE) how on earth do I feel he is safe going to work and with having alzheimer's on top be able to comply with the governments advice. There are no guidelines for these grey areas what would you do. ??? My place of work is closed for now and living with my mother of 71 I have no answers. I called alzheimer's society who advised me to contact my doctor. I called my doctor who told me to call 111. Called them and they said I need to call my doctor who then gave me a totally useless number to council letting agents. Back to the doctors who will ring me on thursday. My anxiety is through the roof. Why is it that people with dementia/alzheimer's are not in the chronic list. How the hell are they supposed to follow guidelines with a 30 minute memory span. His underlying health issues are not enough to keep him off BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MAJOR ONE. Am I just being irrational and over reacting or is he at risk. HELP ME. Please. No where else to turn. It's now 2:46am I cant sleep im having panic attacks cant breath sweating crying.I'm ranting internally ,constantly. How do I be his support when nobody is able to answer my questions. I pray you are all safe and healthy, what do I do. Do I go back to work after the 3 weeks are up or am I putting my loved ones at risk as I work in retail facing what I can only describe as idiotic people. eg. The last customers I served were two elderly ladies who came to buy a radio (necessary???) Who hastily told me they were ok as they had lived their life


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Mar 25, 2016
You've got a lot going on so it's not surprising that you feel anxious. Firstly, in relation to your husband's work, are they aware of your husband's health issues? I'd suggest contacting the manager rather than speaking to the supervisor to explain that you are worried about the potential risks of his job due to his underlying health issues . Ask what they can do to minimise the risks, could they move him to a role where he is not in contact with others? Is your husband a member of a workplace Union who might be able to advise/help?

When you speak to your GP on Thursday explain that you are concerned about your husband being placed at risk in his job due to his health issues - they may be able to sign him off work if necessary. You need to also clearly explain the effect that the current situation is having on you - the panic attacks, crying, anxiety - and they will hopefully be able to help with these symptoms, either by putting you in touch with a counselling service or prescribing medication. It might be helpful if prior to the GP call you write down the points that you need to raise so that you can refer to this during the call to ensure that you cover everything you need to. It can be difficult trying to explain everything in to a 10 minute conversation, particularly when anxious.

With regards to going back to your retail job in 3 weeks time, it's clear from the Government daily updates that the current measures are going to be in place for a while, longer than 3 weeks, so try not to worry about that just yet. If you are still feeling extremely anxious when the time comes speak to your GP again to discuss if you are fit to return to work or not.

These are really worrying times for everyone, particularly those caring for someone with dementia, but keep posting as there is a lot of support available here from those who are going through the same thing. You might find it helpful to take a look at the forum which is specifically for virus related issues:


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