Congratulations on this section of Forum !!


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May 20, 2003
This section of the Forum has just clocked up 7000 messages - Wow !!! then think of all the views all those messages have had (lots of people read Talking Point - but dont 'talk' - thats OK too). Just pointing out the impact that TP is making.

Also just noticed from looking around TP outside of this section (click on Alzheimers Talking Point in blue at top of page) - that I wrote the 7000 th message in this section !! Is there a prize ? - didnt do it intentionaly !!!!!

Think Craig needs the prize for pressing to get this up and runing and Big BIg THANK YOUS to all who contrubute here , manage, run, moderate , develop , fund, and spread the word - Heres to TPs future - slurp slurp !!!

Hope the Trustees are keeping Talking Point in mind when planning the future - judging by its success there may be more ways of increasing its use - especially in the Research and Professional fields - maybe getting care home providers and staff to join in the debates.

Breaking down the many barriers in service provision will aid progress - ......(enough ! get off your soapbox Chris !!!!)



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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Dear Chris, trust you to get the 7000th or what ever you said it was, but keep on that soap box! Will join you in a slurp now, heres to TP and all who sail in her on her or under her! Love She. XX

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