Concers formmy dad


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May 22, 2024
Hi everyone, I need advice, my dad is 83 with vascular dementia. He can't walk far and is frail as ge has ebd stage kidney and heart failure. Against all the obvious risk of him going out alone, he continues to do so. He us very vulnerable, dies not adhere to roads and just fly down them ( any way ) and has no insight to ongoing traffic. He has In The past lost his bank card and cash in town and buys random rubbish me and my brothers are thinking could ne hide his scooter key, so he would be unable to ho out, he has a front and back garden he can sit out, and when we are off we ate happy to take hi. To town but fear for his safety if ge continues to ho alone. He asks gave a stranger his tel nu yesterday !


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Feb 18, 2017
Hi @Sianie , it does sound like your dad I’d no longer safe to go out on his own. Personally I would not give him the opportunity to use his scooter alone, what if he causes an accident.
Are you getting any support from other services? If not , no would be a good time to talk with social services or his medical team about how to progress with his care and safety.