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Communicating with a miserable Chemist - help please


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Sep 5, 2011
Hi all

I am fed up with having to speak to our miserable Chemist. Yes I have made a blunder by not ordering tablets quite earlier enough for my husband who has Alzheimer's but the Chemist won't even listen to what I have to say! Not a smile, never any sympathy in fact dam right rudeness!

We have been under so much stress just lately, one of the reasons our kitchen has been updated and its been tough with workmen coming and going so our routines have been virtually non-existent.

I am thinking after using this chemist for 14 years, for my husband's medication for different reasons, of going to another chemist instead, even though it won't be as convenient location wise.

Can anybody tell me the best sort of pharmacy to use. Would it be better at a supermarket?

I so wish as my husband has had some of the same tablets for 14 years that some how it could be done automatically than us always having to remember to order them. What a waste of time for the Chemist and us!

Do I have to ask the doctor's surgery to forward the repeat prescription card or whatever to a different chemist?

I really have had enough of the Chemist's attitude even though it really is so handy for us to go there.



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Mar 24, 2012
Reds we get our dosette boxes delivered automatically from the pharmacy every Monday, I never need to talk to the chemist, If I need anything extra I phone the GPs or go online and they arrange for a prescription to go to the chemist and it is delivered, could you not inquire if this can be done in your area,

They deliver mine as well.
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Jul 29, 2013
North East
How about having a chat with the receptionist at your GP surgery and see if they know of any pharmacists locally that they can send the prescriptions to and for them to keep on top of it all for you.
As for this chemist, I hope if you have to stay with him that he gets a change of attitude otherwise he will lose business hand over fist.


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May 21, 2014
We get a dossette box every four weeks, I don't have to do anything else but to turn up and collect it as they automatically prepare it. Other "as and when needed" repeat prescriptions need to be ordered about three days before. Our pharmacy is in the same building as the surgery and is widely known for being very good and efficient. I never had a problem with the supermarket pharmacy either.

The choice of pharmacy is entirely up to you and I would ask the current one to give you a printout of all your repeat prescriptions that they have on their system so that you can present them to a new pharmacy. You really do not have to put up with this.


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Aug 28, 2014
Dosette box would be the answer


I think you should explain to your GP that you are finding it hard to cope with managing the medicines and look after your husband. With a dosette box the chemist sorts out the repeat prescription. Some chemists will also deliver the box to you.

Added bonus - The box is divided into doses so you can see if you have remembered to give the drugs.

Sound like a good idea? Good luck and go for it.


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Sep 5, 2011
Thank you for all the helpful replies.

So glad I have posted this as have given me more confidence to change the chemist and will also have a word with the GP when I can.


Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
I also get my meds delivered monthly.

When Dhiren was home the pharmacy began to deliver his and my meds and when he was no longer at home continued delivering mine.

All I do is order them from the GP every month online.

There is enough misery in our lives without having to tolerate misery from a pharmacist.


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Jul 14, 2006
I order mine online and the chemist picks the prescription up and dispenses and I pick up from the chemist.

This week it has changed I still order on line but the surgery issue the prescriptions electronically so the chemist no longer has to go to the surgery. I have been offered the service of delivery as and when I want but I am ok at the moment.

I like the small private chemists and touch wood ours has been wonderful. If I have ever been late or there has been a mix up at the surgery he will give me a couple of days supply and take them out of my prescription when he gets it.

My vote goes to walking away and taking your custom elsewhere.


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Jul 27, 2013
Use another chemist I'd say, however pharmacists do change around a bit in some.
Does your gp have a medicines manager , they control prescriptions and maybe a chat with them ️re ordering repeats easier. When you find chemist prefer then chat to the pharmacist and get a relationship if you can .
My mum orders theirs but have them delivered some times.

You don't need extra stress at times like these, unfortunately so many don't see that however and deal with abusers of the system too.
Good luck x


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Aug 24, 2013
I don't think it matters where you are there's usually a chemist who'll order the repeats, collect and deliver to your door. I have a friend and even in the wilds of the Peak district she gets it done by a supermarket (14 miles away) but they only deliver on a certain day, however, they will leave it with a nominated neighbour and if that fails then she has to collect.
I believe I read somewhere that on-line repeats will have to be offered by all doctors in the near future.

Miss Merlot

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Oct 15, 2012
You'd think he'd have a bit of compassion - knowing just what that prescription is for...

MIL has had a wonderful chemist for the last few years. Such a nice chap (from India I think) - so kind, and so accommodating. If he sees her ever come in, he will look out for her, than call us to let us know when and why - always calls when a repeat is due, and if we're running short for Aricept for her, tops us up...

That's our one regret about moving MIL to assisted living closer to us last week - we can't take him with us!

I add my voice to those who say move - there are nicer and more accommodating people out there...

Ann Mac

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Oct 17, 2013
Hi Reds,

After 18 months of 'issues' with the chemist attached to our GP's surgery, I switched a couple of months back, to using the large, very well known high street chemist for my Mils repeat prescriptions - just wish I'd done it sooner! It wasn't so much a surly attitude for me, as the fact that there were just too many mistakes, everything from missing tablets, tablets in the wrong time slot, meds not ready (requiring multiple visits to collect), through to the dosette pack not being correctly sealed and leaving me with tablets rolling all over the kitchen floor when I pulled a pack out to use! The staff in the chemist were not exactly outrightly rude, but after the unsealed box incident I complained - and got shrugs and a 'Yes - we thought that might happen'!, with no apology and on the last occasion I used them I was kept waiting for nearly an hour whilst several different staff all gave me conflicting excuses for why the meds were not ready! I just didn't need the stress and the hassle!

So, to change - I contacted the big chemist (that starts with a B :) ) and discovered that they have a lot of surgeries that they collect prescriptions from - and our surgery was one of them. I went in , spoke to the chemist, went through Mils list of meds, explained about the 2 tablets that don't go into the pack, and about the prn meds (inhalers) that she might not need every month. I then went into the surgery and simply asked - 2 minutes of them tapping on their computor, and it was sorted. The scripts automatically go the the chemist every 4 weeks (I don't even have to order them - I just let them know if any aren't required!) and I collect them the following week, ready for Mil to start her new 4 week supply.

The new chemist is about a 10 minute drive away, rather than a two minute walk from our front door, but its worth it for the lack of stress and the not having to constantly sort out mistakes. I'm just sorry that I waited so long to change them - could have saved myself sevral months of unecessary hassel, had I done it sooner :)


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Mar 11, 2014
Totally agree with the big chemist beginning with a B! They even text you when a new prescription is due, not to remind you to order it but to remind you they have it waiting for you (but my dad has an equally lovely small chemist who are just as efficient and in his case they deliver to his home). Change asap and enjoy being treated well :)


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Oct 18, 2010
North East England
I am fed up with having to speak to our miserable Chemist. Yes I have made a blunder by not ordering tablets quite earlier enough for my husband who has Alzheimer's but the Chemist won't even listen to what I have to say! Not a smile, never any sympathy in fact dam right rudeness!
Hang on here a minute:eek:....who's the customer?....you.... who's doing whom the favour of using their shop?....You, the customer. ....who has the option of using another Pharmacy where you are treated with courtesy and politeness?.....yep, you again.;):D

You shouldn't have to apologise, other than perhap from politeness sake, for having failed to order your meds earlier...the Pharmacist should be offering you more help.

So, at the risk of sounding a bit bullyish....you should simply go in and tell them that you do not wish for, nor are you going to stand for, rudeness. Either they help you willingly or you willingly go to another shop where your custom will be appreciated.

Any of the larger supermarkets will have a pharmacy service and may even run a repeat script service for your GP anad a delivery service to boot. For a regular script that is.....some will happily receive faxed urgent scripts too.
Ask your GP's receptionist/Practice manager if they can recommend a Pharmacy that will be more helpful....or if they will have a word with your present Parmacist about his manner towards his customers.


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Mar 28, 2015
If this chemist is a chain I'd make a complaint to the head office.

It does make you wonder why he chose such a profession doesn't it? Seeing as the nature of what he does means many of his customers will be vulnerable or at least temporarily under par and susceptible to getting upset by such behaviour it seems strange he'd be so lacking in basic customer service skills. He could really cause someone a lot of distress and push them over the edge. Another reason to complain!

I've been doing a lot of complaining lately. I find that bustin' chops is good therapy!


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Sep 5, 2011
Hi all

Thanks for your replies. I went to a large local supermarket today and spoke to the Chemist in the Pharmacy area and oh what a difference. The support was great and reassuring. I am going to collect the last order of some tablets this week from the pharmacy we have used for years and that will be it. I will then organise the change and am looking forward to it!! :)

Reds x