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Collecting a urine sample from a lady - any suggestions please?


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Feb 20, 2013
Hello, I'm hoping someone has found a piece of kit to help with this - mum isn't completely incontinent - she's just forgotten how to use the toilet and so uses incontinence pull-ups. However, for routine check-ups and possible UTI's we have to try and obtain a sample. Early morning/first of the day is impossible as she just does it in her sleep or on waking. She will sit on the toilet sometimes and if we catch her at the right time, she does demonstrate muscle control and release. Is there something we can put on the toilet to catch it and then decant it into a sample pot? My days of wrestling with her and a pyrex jug are over!! I tried it today with no result and even tried flushing the toilet in the hope that the sound of running water would stimulate her to "go" - I just ended up with half a jug of flushed toilet water!! Thanks


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Jan 20, 2011
We have recently started using the Tena U-test that nitram has linked to above. It is placed in the pull-up so my mum doesn't have to be hoisted on to the commode to try and get a sample. Not cheap, but I would recommend them. The GP was sceptical but has accepted that it just isn't possible for us to obtain a urine sample any more, and is willing to prescribe ABs on the strength of a positive strip test.

You can buy them VAT exempt from: http://www.incontinencechoice.co.uk/tena-u-test.html

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