Christmas with Mum? Advice please.


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Oct 3, 2023
Thank you for your comments/advice/thoughts/experiences - really appreciate it. My sister and I have decided Mum will remain in her care home for Xmas. We will of course visit, even pop out for a drive to see the Xmas lights.


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Apr 26, 2023
Husband still here at home, but having witnessed how it confused him when we’ve had a couple of extra people in house and how if we visit our daughter he’s only just sat down had a cuppa and asking to go home, so Christmas is cancelled we will stay at home, Boxing Day with his extended family is a definite no, no. Too many children and people in the house. So it will be just the two of us, I will have Christmas with our daughter on one of his daycare days. Our son is coming this weekend from the Isle of Man so won’t be here, again early Christmas with him probably booking a table at local pub for lunch, just a small group. Husband is convinced we have other people in our house with plans to rob us. I’d be inclined to let the home have Christmas and you do something later with your your family member small and quiet.