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Channel 4 News - Nominating Russell Grant for Alzheimer's fundraising

Linda Mc

Registered User
Jul 3, 2005
Nr Mold
As you may know he has been working religiously to help find a cure for Alzheimer's and Dementia for the past decade or more, after caring for his grandmother who had it for nine years.

Channel 4 News are looking for nominations for the most inspiring political personalities who have worked towards a humanitarian aim especially with a political aim. They gave Jamie Oliver with his school foods and Bob Geldof with his poverty history as examples. Russell has done as much if not more to create an awareness for this dementia cause. Oliver had a C4 series to help spread the word and Geldof his rock and political friends to raise awareness, Russell had nothing like this.

By nominating Russell it could be a chance to grab the headlines.It would be uplifting for recognition to be given to someone who really cares about what he is doing but, forgive the pun, if he should be shortlisted would be an excellent Talking Point for Alzheimer's in itself.

If like me you feel it would be good for everyone if Russell was on the shortlist which in itself will do much to bring Alzheimer's to the public table and give Russell a chance to tackle politicians then please send in your nomination to http://www.channel4.com/news/articl...tics/political+awards+how+to+nominate/1141062 by the end of December.

Over the past decade Russell has done so much to make carers and sufferers more comfortable from raising money for computers to detect susceptibility to dementia to tranquil hospital gardens for Alzheimer's patients alongside political rallies, interviews and anything else he can think of. He has raised money through cricket competitions, psychic evenings, fish & chip days in Scarborough and sponsoring Gloucester and District's Art 4 Alzheimer's Sake at the cathedral - all of these things is a reason we should nominate him to help bring an end to this awful disease.

Thanks for reading this and hope you all help by nominating him.

Linda x

Linda Mc

Registered User
Jul 3, 2005
Nr Mold
Great everyone the more we can do to raise awareness the better.

Some of you will remember Russell talking to us on TP last year and how I helped him arrange a cricket match in my area,also the valuable support he gave at the rally in North Wales over the NICE decision.


Linda X

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