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Caring for my dad


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Mar 1, 2021
Hello, I live in rural Herefordshire & moved in with my father 6 months ago, when my mother died. I had been caring for my mother for 5 years with the help of local carers who did 2 pop ins a day. My mum had Parkinson’s disease & became very difficult to manage, but we kept her at home, with the help of live in care until she died. My father has Alzheimer’s & becomes very distressed if he is left on his own for more than 1 or maximum 2 hours. His memory has improved greatly since my partner & I have moved in, but the repetition is very wearing. My father has no interest in doing anything other than being taken out for drives & he wants to do this all day every day. We now pay the local carers to take him for a daily 2 hour drive every morning, as I work & then I take him in the afternoon.
I think that fresh conversations with other people, have made a big difference to my father & he is enjoying life with his new friends. Myself & a local Carer are now looking into setting up day care, so that we can help other Alzheimer’s sufferers to socialise

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