Care Home Not Enough


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Oct 7, 2005
Mums care home are not able to cope with her violence any more. She is now back in an assessment ward.

Just wondered if any of you have had a similar experience. and ideas of what happens now.

I feel we are back to where we were a year ago, only now Mums worse and the thought of hunting for another home, that has a vacancy and can cope with her, is a daunting task. Is it possible to ever control the violence that this horrible illness brings. (they think mum has vascular dementia) or are there special homes designed to cope. Mum was hitting the other residents, care workers and the doctors and us. I guess i,m worried about finding a suitable place for her. Her old care home dont seem very hopeful that she will be able to return to them, and they packed up all her things.

It would be great to hear of anyone,s similar problems



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May 14, 2006
Dear Clare,
When my Mum's care home could not cope with her needs after her hip replacement operation, we asked them to recomend a suitable NH with EMI. She wasn't aggressive, but had become extremely confused and unable to do much for herself. They helped us to make the arrangements and I don't think we'd have got her in without their help.
The alternatives were quite a distance away and would have involved using the dreaded A2 road, which is always very busy and often congested. The NH is only ten minutes drive away and it is easy to park and the staff seem very helpful. I like to visit Mum several times a week and that wouldn't be possible if she was too far away, and I'm not very keen on driving.
Ask other people too if they've had any experience of care or nursing homes. We had heard good reports about both homes from reliable sources and also went to have a look for ourselves. Kent has a Care Directory of Homes and I expect other areas have something similar. Mum's NH is purpose built and only a few years old, so the facilities are very good.


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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Clare,
I know that others have spoken of medication easing the aggression, unfortunately it also seems to weaken other responses as well. I'm sure you will get some replies soon.
Love Helen