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Apr 26, 2014
Dunstable, Bedfordshire
I thought today was a good day. I decided to take a book back to the school I last worked at.

I know which bus to catch, and it stops very close to the school entrance.

When I got to my local bus stop I found out that the routes changed last week! A helpful driver told me how to get to school,and because its now 2 buses, where to change.

Every thing was fine until I got the bus stop where I need to change. The next bus didn't stop, so I waited for the one after. By now feeling confused and worried.
I got on the next bus and it took me back to my home town. I asked the driver for help, and he told me to sort myself out.

End result is I still have the book and am feeling confused and worried.

No problem as it will pass except I am due to go to the school where I hear children read as a volunteer this afternoon.



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Sep 17, 2010
Oh John, sorry you weren't able to enjoy the first part of your good day ... Hope you enjoy the rest of it.

Congratulate yourself on being brave enough to have a go - and also for being able to rescue yourself in spite of the unhelpful bus driver and the changes to the bus timetable.

If you can, please ask someone to complain on your behalf about the unhelpful bus driver. I'm suggesting you get someone else to complain on your behalf because it makes sense to avoid any unnecessary additional stresses.

Anyone in a customer facing role (like the bus driver) has probably had formal training about the need to be helpful and courteous. Obviously the bus driver wasn't - and other passengers will benefit if he's pulled up about this lapse in behaviour.


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Nov 6, 2013
Oh John. Well done to you for giving it a go. I'm sorry to hear that your efforts were thwarted by a very unhelpful bus driver.

I agree with AlsoConfused. Ask someone to complain on your behalf. A similar thing happened to me once and complaining turned out to be worthwhile. Improvements did happen as a result of complaining.

I hope that it won't put you off trying again when you feel ready.

I hope the youngsters in the primary school soon had you feeling better. They often have a way of doing that :) Great to know that you are still hearing those youngsters read. A precious thing you're doing there.

Best Wishes to you.

JigJog x

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
A big thumbs down to the driver who told you to sort yourself out John.

It took me back to the time my husband had problems organising his body to get into a taxi and the taxi driver said `Just park your bum on the seat and swing your legs in.`


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Aug 31, 2003
So much for dementia friendly communities! That is dreadful. I agree that if you can complain the you should do so. The society produces little cards which you can use to let people know you have dementia. I don't know if it would have been useful in this situation or not or indeed if it is something you would consider. This is the link-


I hope your time in the school went well. I was a primary school headteacher and I know how much the children appreciated and loved their visits from volunteers.


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Dec 8, 2011
North West
I'm as upset on your behalf as everyone else John and I hope the bus driver is reported.

I'd only add that this kind of thing can happen to people who don't have dementia - I speak from personal experience! But I guess it's usually easier for someone who doesn't have the problems you have to put it behind them.